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Live and grow, change, reform...well, this blog used to be my 'primary' space, but not any more. This is now the online 'home' of my poetic ramblings and musings. Sometimes there is a faith/theological hue, while others not so much. Check out the pictures. Remember - literacy is visual too!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Out of Control

Things seem to be flying out of control
piling up, backing up
getting lost

Trying to hold it all together
yet I simply want to let it all go
and experience the rain
as things simply fall into their place

Looking around I wonder
how I originally got these things
all flying at once

Attempting to keep it all going
Yet it is getting out of control
I must learn to let some things fall
And hold those up that I must

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Maybe I am going overboard with pictures, but I don't have 'oodles' of time of late to just stop and dump...but this picture is worth the post. I didn't do the artwork in the back - but the white runner, with gold accent, linens with gold accent on table and pulpit - connecting water, word and meal.
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kim and Jane - after placing her dot on Portland, OR!!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Seminary Girls - karaoke!

The GIRLS letting it go! Posted by Hello

Every Thursday night, or at least monthly for us 'older' folk - we wander to a local pub called Planks Bier Garden where there is all night karaoke! It is quite a blast! We have a few really GREAT singers, and then well there is me and the rest of the wanna-bes! But ya know what - it is great, the beer is priced well, and the company couldn't be better. Just letting our hair down for a few hours before getting back to the books! Come join us some time!

Hank - just bringing the house down!

Hank - the real piano man. Posted by Hello

What a hoot - when members from the entire Trinity community come out for a night of music and fellowship! This is the second faculty member to stop in for a quick song - who will be next?!

Lutheran Theology - Conservative and Radical At Once!

I just completed a paper for my Lutheran Identity class where we were asked to respond to the statement, "The Essentially Conservative Nature of Lutheran Theology." When I first read the statement, I thought, no way. But after some long reading and reflection on various documents in The Book of Concord I now stand corrected. What I discovered is that Lutheran theology is quite conservative, yet there is the ever lingering Lutheran tension, in that Lutheran piety and response to such theology can often be lived out radically.

And in thinking about it - with justification by grace through faith central to our theology, it must be first conservative in that this is what is revealed to us in Scripture and tradition, yet it is also simultaneously radical, for Jesus Christ was and is radical. And thus our response to this must be radical. We respond radically to God's free gift of grace and love in Jesus Christ through the radical living out our lives in love and service to our neighbor, the church, and the world. All the while loving and caring for our very selves as well.

Lutherans I think (or maybe just me of late) are lovers of tension - human and divine -- sin and death -- slave and free -- conservative and radical. And the great thing about this is that in that tension there is an energy, an energy which propels us to keep striving in faith - even when things are just not working. God calls us to faithful discernment and struggle and love and communion with Christ. Amazing.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Water's Current of Life

Have you ever just sat back and wondered what was going on?
Where the next stop is going to be?
Who is driving the train?

Have you ever simply just given up the fight?
Stopped asking questions?
Stopped living?

I had a brief second of this the other day,
and I have to say that I was not comfortable with it.
I just stopped and said - enough, it is not worth it.

But in the end I think the things we fight for,
the issues of justice, peace, unity and love
are worth the fight, and are probably worth a little more.

For when I stopped and threw up my hands
Life stopped. I died.

Yet this death was not and is not final
for in the waters of life there is a steady current.
I am caught up in that current and the motion brought me back to life.

Monday, April 04, 2005


I desire simply to hold
to be held
I yearn to kiss
to be kissed
I long to touch
to be touched
I hope to love
to be loved.


Friday, April 01, 2005

The Dying Pope

The world is watching with baited breath to hear news of Pope John Paul - as he is approaching is death. He has been struggling lately with various medical problems, and it appears now that death is imminent.

I pray for the Pope and for those who gather around him, both physically and in prayer. I pray for a world that will have faith in the life that is after death. I pray for those who do not have a single mortal soul standing with them during their last breath. Lord of Life, let your presence continue to flow throughout your entire creation. Amen.

You've Been "FORKED"

April Fool's at its best! This morning President Mark Ramseth had Brenda call me and tell me that the postings of internship assignments had been put up early and that I should come over and check out my placement. At first I bought it, but then a few minutes later I remembered the date. Well indeed it was a classic April Fool's prank - so it was thus required that I pay back.

I attempted a payback via email by securing an annonymous Yahoo account. He didn't buy we began to plan a larger plan.

Kate, Jane, Cecilia, and eventually Jill and I set him up good, with the cooperation of Carol his wife. The president was to attend a dinner to celebrate the retirement of a faculty member. We arranged to have a pizza delivered - except the pizza was only going to be crust that appeared as a smiley face - no cheese and no toppings. Then Jill, Kate and I went over to his house and planted 204 white plastic forks throughout his lawn and labeled his house with the 'official' "You've been forked!" sign. I was hilarious.

I don't know of his response to this yet - but I can not wait, and although I am sure he will know who to tag for this, I hope he has no clue.....we will see.

Funny how even silly, childish antics still bring the mischevious joy out in all of us! It's about being life in the love and grace of God and loving and laughing with your sister and brother!