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Live and grow, change, reform...well, this blog used to be my 'primary' space, but not any more. This is now the online 'home' of my poetic ramblings and musings. Sometimes there is a faith/theological hue, while others not so much. Check out the pictures. Remember - literacy is visual too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Blanket

Peering out one eye, I glance, and spy a blanket gleaming bright, trimmed
in blue.
It is clear that this blanket is an original hand-made wonder;
But by whose hands was it crafted?
Investigating the meticulous patterns, it is truly evident that much time and
thought went into the construction.
Each shines with an intense love and caring.
The One who worked each stitch is truly an artist!
Scanning for a signature, I discover the immensity of the work, there
seems to be no starting point, no final stitch...
Truly amazing, and incomprehensible on the surface, the warmth of each
stitch, quite understood.
Scattered throughout the work, designs of color.
Though these designs seem random at quick glance; upon a longer
study, they fit into a scheme, much larger than one can understand.
Who is the Master behind this work?
I continue my search...
Although I do not know my final destination, I seem to have a plan.
I glance back on my path, it seems quite natural.
After a deeper look, I notice that my path is individual, yet it intertwines
with other travelers.
I am not travleing alone, but with many, many others.
I AM a part of this blanket, I am a part of the pattern!
Every line, every stitch adds excitement and beauty.
Different colors, textures, and thickness, each adding their own unique
characteristic, yet still one in the same!
The work would be a failure without each stitch, each color, each
Where is the Artist? Why is the Artist silent?
If I had created such a masterpiece, I would be screaming, "IT'S MINE!
But the Artist is silent...or is he?
Resting from my journey I sit back to contemplate this question.
In the midst of my thoughts, I hear a voice. I glance up, it is my
neighbor, saying a friendly hello.
Glancing at our paths, for a moment that seems like a whole day, another
voice. This time a stranger, asking a question. I offer an
As the stranger leaves, I notice her path is going in the same direction as
mine and my neighbors.
Reviewing my thoughts, and the recent events, I begin to feel that the
artist is NOT silent.
Quite the contrary; she is SCREAMING!
She is speaking to me through others, those I meet along my path, my pattern.
Maybe I just never paid attention before?
Turning back, I notice our paths, both singular and united, seem to be
saying something.
Though I could not figure it out, I suddenly get the feeling that I was
being called to go, to continue my journey...
Although I don't what the final stop entails, I am confident that this
Artist, whoever he is, understands, and is in control of the final
After all, she has created this entire work of art until now.
Only a grander piece will follow;
A piece that was carefully thought of, worked out, and finished by...

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 6/95; rev. 7/11/95

It Stops Here!

What else can I do?
I offer suggestions,
A should, an ear
But when does one be blunt?
The same old, same old
All the time.
Am I that patient?
Am I that wise?
Why me?
And why can't I
Say even a word?
What about my problems?
My dreams, my fears?
She talks and moans
And whines and complains
Please give me my space,
My time, my quiet.
I have been patient long enough!
I am at the end of the rope,
The patience STOPS here!

(c) KSC - 12/7/96


So tight
Crunchingly close
Give me space
Let me breath!
I am old enough
To care for myself
I am an adult
Leave me to my own
I need my space
My room to move
There are no rings
That would never be!
Step back...let me breath!

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 12/7/96

Far Off

Far off
I hear the beckon
Far off
I hear the call
"I am coming!"
I respond,
"I'm on my way!"

The way is long
Seems like forever
The way is hard
It's an uphill climb

Far off
I hear the beckon
Far off
I hear the call
"I am coming!"
I respond
"I am on my way!"

Will it be worth it?
The end result
Will it be the same?
Has any of it chaned?

Far off
I hear the beckon
Far off
I hear the call
"I am coming."
I respond
"I am coming home!"

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 11/25/96

What A Life!

Why am I so lucky?
To be given such a life
One that is full of joy
Full of love and friendship.
Of course there are down times
But the friends pull me through
Then, one comes along
One who is more than a friend
I want to spend all my time with this one.
My thoughts, my feelings, my triumphs, my fears
None of these I want to hold back
I want to share it all, to be open
But am I setting myself up for the biggest fall of my life?
Can I handle this?
Yes, my friends are there, but do they deserve this?
I should be happy, and not worry ahead of time,
Enjoy friendship, enjoy the good times and work through the bad.
My Best Friend, will be with me all the time
My Best Friend has put this friendship in my life, it is here for a reason.

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 10/18/95
Open mouth, insert foot
I seem to do this all too easily
I have found someone really great
He is honest, open, and sweet
But wouldn't you guess?
I open my mouth, and he seems to be running!

My question is, do I hide my feelings, thoughts, and emotions
Just to prevent losing him?
Am I to life to myself, him, the world?
Why is this so confusing?
Someone, please help me!

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 10/18/95
No ear is silent
No mouth listens
If the ear knows something
The mouth speaks it
No ear is silent
No mouth listens

Taken out of context
It makes no sense
If my mouth can't empty
My anger won't quit, but
No ear is silent
No mouth listens

(c) Kimberly S. Conway, 10/11/95

Find someone who can be your trash can, and remmber it must have a lid!

Heaven Bound

Flowing, flowing
Light is glowing
Follow the sound
We're heaven bound

The place of love
That fits like a gove
The place of peace
Filling every crease

The home of hope
This is no joke
The seat of care
We each have a share

The tree of life
Without the strife

Flowing, flowing
Light is glowing
Follow the sound
We're heaven bound.

(c) KSC, 9/12/95

Taking the Lead

Frustration running
Leading me by the hand
Pulling away

But the hold is more intense than any other

I am tired
I want to stop
Lunging the opposite direction
I hit something
It is soft and smooth
I am not holding it

But I am being pulled

Both sides have hold
I want to go towards the soft way
But I can't seem to break free

"Just let go, come with me, just let go."

What do you mean, let go
I am not holding anything
Wait...I am holding something
I have been holding on all along
Am I that stupid, that naive
I just needed to let go

And let God lead.

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 8/30/95


This unconditional love,
It flows so endlessly,
I don't deserve it,
Yet it seems so natural to receive it.

I am so grateful...yet ashamed,
I am stealing so much
And giving so little.

I wish I could stop taking.
I want to give all of me.
I want to ediy, and rebuild,
I want to make it easier for all.

I also want to thank you.
Thank the very people who gave me life,
Without you, I would be nothing.

I want to make you proud,
To give you even an inkling
Of what you have given me;
This unconditional love you share so generously.

You are my life.
I want my life to reflect everything.
Everything that I have learned from you.
But most of all...

I want it to reflect love.
Your love you've given me,
The love that I have from you.
And the source of Love.

(c) Kimberly S. Conway, 3/2/94

My Dreams

My dream...
is to see an educated world;
where every little boy and girl,
can read and write and spell his name,
and dream other other things than fame.

My dream...
is to see a world rid of crime;
and a place where you pay with time,
when you commit a crime against the land,
and don't just get a smack on the hand.

My dream...
is to be in a world where babies live;
and instead of killing people give,
of themselves and their love,
which God has given them from above.

My dream...
is when drugs are used only for good;
and young join school and not the hood.
Where children can safely play in the streets,
and everyone has enough to eat.

My dream...
is a world made only of peace,
all fights and wars have to cease.
When sisters and brothers we all become,
then at last my dreamnig is done.

(c) Kimberly S. Conway - 1991

God's Will

Searching, scanning for some clue
Just a sign, a hint of what's to be expected
A direction of where to turn
Where to stop

Is it hidden in the mirror?
Look closely, can you see it?
Is it inside of the box?
Feel around, can you find it?

This searching seems pointless
But then, you hit it big!
A soft whisper off of the tree
A little sparkle in a child's eye.

Were you that stupid, that vain?
It has been here all the time
But you were too busy searching
Too busy digging and hunting for a clue

You wanted the glory
You wanted the fame
You were going to be the one to find it
Yet you totally missed it

Sit back and just watch
Be patient, and let God lead
God will take your hand, and be your guide
God has been waiting all this time

For it is God's will, not >yours
God is offering it for free
Just reach our your hand, and let God guide
Put your trust in God, and God will show you the Way

(c) Kimberly S. Conway 8/28/95

'Older' Poems

The next several posts will contain some poetry that I wrote a while ago - some over 10 years ago. Just thought I would share some of my early stuff. Enjoy and please share your thoughts with me!