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Live and grow, change, reform...well, this blog used to be my 'primary' space, but not any more. This is now the online 'home' of my poetic ramblings and musings. Sometimes there is a faith/theological hue, while others not so much. Check out the pictures. Remember - literacy is visual too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nothing Remains the Same

The panel is dull, muted
The colors frozen, dead
But this state, condition is not permanent
For, at the breaking of the dawn,
Nothing remains the same.

The light slowly begins to spill out
Over the horizon, like rain trickling
down a flat, smooth incline
Ray by ray, stream by stream
the colors come alive
The hues begin to dance a dance
as old as the ages

The pulse of the vast image
Begins to throb, with a powerful
rhythym of life
A cadence of rebirth
With color so vibrant, so
That none could ignore

Although a simple panel of colored,
stained glass
A life, a story, a design appears
Through the heat and energy of the light, the life
For, at the breaking of the dawn,
Nothing reamins the same.

The "Waiting"

Sorry it has been ages....but trying to pin down a time and just get it out has been a task in and of itself. I was 'called to task' by a dear friend who just sent me a link to her blogging I figured I could at least stop in and jot a few ramblings down.

I am currently in the 'waiting' process to hear about internship for next year. And I just worshipped with this year's senior class as they learned of their regional assignments for first call. The emotions in the air could have painted a picture that is undescribable. An image that is deep and textured, cool and fluid, sharp and muddled. I pray that we as a community can support them as they seek to 'go out' and that we too can learn from this process - for it will be us sitting in those seats in about two years!

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Humanity's natural enemy
Crushing, pushing, ticking
Keeps the world in hyper-spin
Crushing, pushing, ticking