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Monday, March 20, 2006

An interesting poem I found...

God and Katrina
© By Ann Noe

Katrina left destruction,
A path wide and long.
We've turned God away,
Knowing we were wrong.
But now we are asking,
God what should we do?
We know we stopped praying,
But now God: we need you!

I have heard and read of many who 'blame' God for bringing this hurricane and the destruction and pain that follows. I have also heard some who say that this was God's way of punishing the sinfulness of America. I struggle with both of these (although moreso with the latter) and when I found this poem I just kinda stopped. Is this author claiming either or both of these statements? I sense at least the first, although the brush strokes are so wide that there can be numerous meanings.

What do you think?