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Live and grow, change, reform...well, this blog used to be my 'primary' space, but not any more. This is now the online 'home' of my poetic ramblings and musings. Sometimes there is a faith/theological hue, while others not so much. Check out the pictures. Remember - literacy is visual too!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


It has been ages since I posted to this site....but things have been cooking.

I am currently knee-deep in internship. Things are great and I am always busy. The people at the church are incredible - and I don't think I have ever met such a mission focused group.

I am also, for those that don't know in Portland, OR. Things are tough sometimes though, because I am out here all alone. There are times when things are going on, like the upcoming Greek festival this weekend, yet that's something that I would never have gone to alone before. But this weekend, I just might. We will see.

I also have begun to take serious my health and weight and have joined a local weightloss group. I have been focusing on this for two weeks now and have lost 8 pounds. I am learning more about why I eat the way I do, and what causes me to over-eat. I never thought I would enjoy this - but it is making sense and it is working. we go!

That's it for now....keep watching what goes on. My other blog is updated more often because of internship...check it