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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

unheard and proclaimed

the stories that go unseen
shaking the foundations
to the core
the power and violence wrought
by God
spreading fear throughout
the people

yet there is a tension
and energy for...

the stories that are proclaimed
shaping the foundations
from the core
the love and the grace gifted
by God
spreading hope throughout
all creation

thus is the tension and
the energy of relationship.

-KSC 5/10/05

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Wow! I didn't realize how much I miss playing ball!? We started the co-ed softball season today. The other team didn't have enough to field, but we had plenty and thus we passed on a few players and just played ball. The fellowship was marvelous. We weren't playing to win or crush the others, but we were playing to have fun.

The ump was a marvelous and kind man. He came over and reminded us of the 'jewlery' rule and then he joked with us throughout the entire game. He greeted everyone when they came to the plate and when I came to the plate he asked me where I played before. Just a good and kind man.

There were a ton of young children who were playing tag and racing up and down a hill just off the first base line. Their laughter was contagious and their energy - well, I wish that was more contagious! :-)

I hit well, but never made it across the plate for a score. We have strong hitters, but our fielding needs work. The rules are intense. Male/female have to be every-other on the field, so if 1st base is a male, then 2nd must be a female and so on. SO....sadly, for the first time since the late 80's I didn't play first - and boy was a I bit off kilter on the field. But, I played second and did ok.

You know how they say, you always get what you ask for? Well - Janie played for the other team and I was teasing her when she came up to bat. Well - she nailed a liner right at me and I missed it by about 2 inches! I will never live that one down.

In closing - I am thankful to God for my health and for the fun and fellowship that many of us had today on the field. God is good!