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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Running into the Storm

Inside there is a storm churning
One that could be explosive and dangerous
One that could wreck havoc in all that I am
The sirens are blaring, the lights are flashing
Yet I am not moved to batten down the hatches
Instead I lunge out of the window
to experience the wind, the rain, the flash of lightening

Alone in the midst of it is where I stand
Reaching out my hand in hope
In hope that you will extend yours and endure with me
Holding each other as the gales grow
Seeking direction in each other’s eyes
Reaching out in hopeful expectation
Ignoring the voice deep down that speaks to reality

Friends offer up shelter from the storm
Opening doors, homes, and lives to me
Yet I keep peeking out, seeking the movement
Seeking to the feel of the cool rain, whipping wind
The warmth found in your embrace
So I continue on my sojourn to connection, to relationship
Abandoning sense and self in the process

Does love have sense?
Does love follow the forecast?
Does love seek protection?
Does love make one blind and deaf to reality?

©KSC, 2008


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